Unusual Glamour Beetle Armchair Mixing With Car Parts

we’ve seen some of the furniture comes in a shape resembling a vehicle, there is comes in a modern, luxurious and latest, but the more users the most favored classic cars. Here we will look at what might be made to, satisfy them, the users and collectors of the favorite furniture with classic cars. it is obvious that they are built using parts and or elements of the car. maybe some are calling it something unusual, not just or only limited industrial. but you will clam up when looking at the end result of captivating ideas there.

design is the result of a collaboration with designer involved is Andrea Colombo ( interested in the iconic car ) and Linda Assandri ( passionate about Swarovski and glam details ) . This has managed to build furniture with the development of the Beetle Glamour Armchair . they bring it into a higher level , by combining elements of baroque and art cars . or also with the addition of another example , with a real Volkswagen Beetle MY1968 wing and seat fabric with Swarovski crystals as well with LED lights . they really are detailed in the building , see this resolved in the solid silver or gold leaf . you do not need to worry that this material would be hard to find , just go to the company that produces them to place an order . The company is a team of high quality Italian artisans . Glamour comes with the name Beetle was fit to be in bed modern scholars , or it may also be applied to public spaces with a unique personality .

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