Unique Boat-Shaped Bathtub Design Ideas

here are Unique Boat-Shaped Bathtub Design Ideas. bathroom can be a place to relax while cleaning up and relaxation. shape and design ideas tailored to the facility that will be applied there as a feature of the bathroom. this time the boat comes with a unique form as a bathtub of ideas and designs by Anne Poirier Antonio Lupi Parick. Boat unique shape is also called the Vascabarca who came to comfort with the look of Boat for the design of the bathroom.

fresh and comfortable atmosphere combine in a unique form of interior decorating ideas are applied. you need to know that they just make this as much as 10 Bathtubs, each carved from a single block of stone molithic. moreover they can be personalized by putting your name as the engraving there in the stern. see all the design ideas in a collection of images of Boat-Shaped Bathtub Unique Design Ideas below.

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