stiletto high heels impressive table design made by Splinter works

here are stiletto high heels impressive table design made by Splinter works. fact uniquely feminine design by Splinter table it works. table of high heel shoes are inspired by the sleek lines and elegant curves of women’s shoes. with stilettos made one of his legs further strengthen the design inspiration from this single table. a trend of moving female seems to be entering an their-era. bottom side of the table is finished in red polished acrylic, echoing the fashion icon and signature Christian Louboutin red sole, high-end, high-heeled shoes.

Table comes complete selection of ornamental leather or French Burr walnut (pictured), dressed in the curve, which extends the table secondhand. Integrated drawer lined with nubuck leather red interior and the exterior is well hidden by hardware to clutter the view, clean and contemporary. This project was inspired to create attractive table desk is always in fashion, a console table or dress-for-nine vanity that is sure to inspire your own sense of style.

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