Modular Hocky Sofa Smart Furniture Customized According To Your Needs

have you ever imagine you have modular sofa, with features that will change and can be customized according to your needs?. if ever imagine it, then this is the most obvious thing to be able to be a reference. Marcin Wielgosz is that this design, modular seat which will be a collection of smart and functional furniture to decorate the house living space. is Hocky takes its name, from the design of modular furniture is furniture that is functional, as it has various sized segments, in the form of sofas and chairs, also with integrated tables. as from the initial idea, that they can be changed and integrated according to the availability of space, or also by the characteristics available, or according to the needs of the function.

configuration is done is always adapt to the wishes and needs, just takes a little movement and they will change. many possible also to perform configuration, such as by taking part to save space in the living room. or can also configure with moving wood table can act as an arm chair, while it can also be the end of the table, workstation, or a TV dinner tray depends on your needs and your imagination. This is probably the coolest idea, that every seat has a niche to set up a table in the alcove, it can also allow for sliding out. come up with a theme of brown and natural wood table, this is the idea of ​​minimalist and stylish.

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