modern decorative curtains textiles – textile designs by his glamorous Nordiska

modern tones which served to make whoever reached the viewer. a new curtains textile trends are modern and luxurious decorative that brings a touch of drama, as well as functions that are perfect to bring dignity to the window treatments and upholstery. a wide variety of color themes and motifs that fit for a luxury home project to be the right reasons. Nordiska highlighted four new decorating trends with new collections for 2011: Clear, elegant, natural and appropriate use of the Contract. Falls into the category of transparent, people like Rosario, Tai Chi and Visiona stand out for their quality almost there.

Elegant (both by name and design) is a Constance or Granada. Natural fabrics such as Elena, Hawaii or Malinka, offers “furniture” feel more in transition. And for practical designers out there, modern fabrics made for the use of contracts that are easy to clean, low maintenance and fire resistant. If the utility of your cup of tea, go to Cordoba CS, CS Liska, Multi-PLI Voyage CS or CS. If you’re looking for a piece of statement or practical textile design glamorous is easy to find a place in every home.

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