Contemporary Wooden House In Modern Japanese Interpretation

Here are Contemporary Wooden House In Modern Japanese Interpretation. interpretations of modern Japanese style can give an idea about building a house instead of wood, reminiscent of the wooden house is a traditional style, but you’re wrong if you think so. Japanese architect named Yoshiaki Nagasaka trying to show us that the idea of the theme is the style you want to display as: eco-friendly, stylish and modern, but applied to forest hut built. thanks to the theme that we will find a house with a room that can be both intimate and personal big and open.

There is a living room, dining room, kitchen and traditional Japanese as a large family area, while the master bedroom and two children’s bedrooms are located far behind to make them more personal. The point is that the confidential space is hidden with plywood sliding screen therefore which they could be uncovered to the rest of the house, when needed.

The interior are comes with simple and modern style at the same time tempting and cozy. if you can begin to imagine the modern Japanese style? I hope this can inspire you in building a house. see all the design ideas in a collection of photos of the Contemporary Wooden House In Modern Japanese Interpretation below.

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