Bonbon Small Unique Design Vanity Classic by Ypsilon

here are Bonbon Small Unique Design Vanity Classic by Ypsilon. despite its Ypsilon small sweet, very sweet but designed for it. bonbon washtufle similar to one made up of a wide variety of contemporary classic colors. all colorful and bright that adds exciting and luxurious washtufle present, although with a mini size, of course. Its classic form comes with a contemporary edge – choose between a variety of different colors in matte, glossy or gold-/silver-leaf. And for added luxury, the pride of each has two large drawers (in push-pull or gently sliding) that are available with a velvet coat in the color of your choice. Join this small and beautiful vanity with some hardware style – modern and traditional styles work best with this section. Even the smallest bathroom has room for emotion in the form of sweets.

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