Asymmetrically Thai Home Design With Balancing European And Asian Traditions

if you ever come across anything like this, our intention with great ideas in building a house with the balance between European and Asian architectural tradition, even with the ground and the sky. This is the house by Architectkidd Thailand Co. Ltd., which has brought a great beat, and very surprising. it’s like building a house by balancing on a support structure underneath, which actually they are also part of the building structure. This solves the problem of the arising of the surrounding landscape with high style.

just look at the round building with living quarters also with geometric contrast to the structure below, serves as the support of the main building, which is set by the conglomerate asymmetric in a much more rounded. just look at this part of the upper floors, with the living area provides a greater view of their surroundings. while for the interior design is more like the minimalist style and also simple. but, on the selection of color themes, they are more to the theme of bright colors, which attract attention with paired windows on several sides of the room. see also with each space is completely private. quite charming, of course, what is your comment about this?

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